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2019 radionics code.png
2019 radionics code.png

November 2-4, 2023   |  Rapid City, South Dakota

2023 Radionics

Taught by The Masters

Vendor List

All Vendors determine their own prices and accepted forms of payments.

Be prepared in case you decide to purchase something.

Harmonic Energy Works – Dan Mangum
Radionic instruments from Kelly Research Technologies.

Potentized programs/reagents, external rubplate/antennas, radionic accessory devices, books.


Essence Healing – Sarah Emond
Reagent cards created by Sarah Emond and Dr. Ron Barone.

Cicadasong Harmonics– Brian Wort
Radionic programs/reagents for: targeted acupressure points, Biodynamic agriculture and pest control, and more.




Energized Water USA– Robert Quick
Three different sizes of Water Restructuring Reagents.

Quong Associates – Stephen Quong
Posters, energy cards, custom reagents, brochures, and crystals



Innovative Concepts / Back Water Products – Dr. Alan Back
A2, AM3, A4L, PET, DMI, CP5, and Pen Armor.

Roxanne Matacia
Adv Biophoton Matrix, Jit Jow, Energy bracelets and Pete's Program Library Kits by Sami Choudry.

Sole Response – Ursula Ward
Crystals, essential oils and reflexology sessions.

Dr. Rich Olree

Chiropractic Adjustments.


Infinity Mission – Scott Ertl
Ertlizers and the Lightning Radionics Equipment

Twisted Sage Studios – Brian Besco
Tensor Rings, Ascension Pyramid and Consciousness energy tools


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