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2019 radionics code.png
2019 radionics code.png

November 2-4, 2023   |  Rapid City, South Dakota

2023 Radionics

Taught by The Masters

Vendor List

All Vendors determine their own prices and accepted forms of payments.

Be prepared in case you decide to purchase something.

Sue Keller

Radionic programs and reagents.

Harmonic Energy Works – Dan Mangum
Radionic programs/reagents, radionic accessory devices, and radionic books.

Essence Healing – Sarah Emond
Reagent cards created by Sarah Emond and Dr. Ron Barone.


Every Advantage Ag – Marty Lucas
Kelly Research Technology instruments and accessories plus assorted radionic reagents created by Marty.


Energized Water USA– Robert Quick

Magnetic reagents for: Irrigation, home potable water, and water bottles. Plus Concrete magnetos for Magneto Soil Antennas.


Cicadasong Harmonics– Brian Wort
Biodynamic ash reagents.


Quong Associates – Stephen Quong
Posters, energy cards, custom reagents, pendants, and meditation crystals


Roxanne Matacia
Adv Biophoton Matrix and other Innovative concepts machines, Sami’s products, and Mary’s products.


Cory Stover
Cory Coils, Colossus, and Cory’s Elixir.

Dr. Michael Rankin

Cancer Testing, Energy Balancing, Biomedical Scan, Dan Tuck’s Energy Bed System, Sami’s Reagent Cards, Based 10 2023 Model, Dr. Rankin Reagent Cards, and Magnet Therapy.

Landguard Eagle – Larry Cherry
Ionized stones, pendulum business charts, vortex devices, crystals, books, light infused photos, high frequency water, healing charts, infrared lights, and ultrasound device.

Tim Lippert

Radionics program cards/ Crystals of all sizes/ Silicon Pyramids/ Radionics Broadcast Amplifiers/ Complete 12 Station Spooky 2 Unit/Orgone Amplifiers/ Radionics Rate books & Reference Manuals/ Copen (Malcom Rae type) Card Broadcaster/ Misc. dowsing & Radionic tools/ Multi Wave oscillators/ Portable Electromagnetic Pulser/ Radionic reagent kits.


Infinity Mission – Scott Ertl
Ertlizers, dowsing tools and the Lightning Radionics Equipment


Twisted Sage Studios – Brian Besco
Tensor Rings, Ascension Pyramid and Consciousness energy tools.


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