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Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2024  |  Rapid City, South Dakota

2024 Radionics

symposium Schedule*

Must Register to attend. Registration Deadline is Oct. 29th, 2024 or when maximum capacity has been reached.
No walk-ins will be accepted.

Day 1

Thursday, October 31, 2024 - 9AM to 5PM

7:45AM – 8:45AM
**Check-In. Check in, complete payment, and receive Symposium materials during this time frame. The table will close at 8:45am. If you have not checked in during this period, you will not be allowed into the room until the next break. We reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone who shows up after the Check-In time frame has ended.  If you know you will be late, please contact the Symposium Administrator prior to the conference to make alternate arrangements.  

**You must have completed the online registration process to attend. We do NOT allow walk-ins.

9AM - 10AM - Dr. Ron Barone
Introduction. Symposium Introduction with review of policies, housekeeping, etc.

The Universal Microbiome. Planet Earth is a microbiome.  Every bit of soil is a microbiome.  Every form of life has a microbiome, every insect has a microbiome, every reptile has a microbiome, all animals have a unique microbiome. All humans have a microbiome. What is a microbiome, but a living and non-living massive energy field that facilitates all life on planet earth. It has unique energy and intelligence and works in symbiosis with its environment.  No microbiome, no life.  We can affect this energetically/radionically to benefit our target intent.  Come to learn how!

Dr. Ronald Barone (Body, Mind & Spirit) is a consultant on personal well-being. From Black Hawk, SD, Ron brings over 50 years of experience in the health care field. He is a Chiropractic Doctor certified in Orthopedics, with training in advanced Radiology, Nutrition, and Kinesiology and with a focus on environment, organic foods, nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, exercise and correct thinking. He has been doing radionics and energy medicine as his ministry since 1995. Working on people with health issues and longevity is his primary ministry. He is a skilled dowser in the natural and spiritual realm and a personal friend of Master Dowser and Shaman Raymon Grace. He is also skilled in helping the dying go through transition to the spirit world. He has considerable experience with discarnates and a wide realm of non-physical issues. Ron has worked on many issues in the natural and spiritual realm. Ron teaches people to take control of their own well-being, physically and spiritually.


10:30AM -11:30AM – Dr. Marilyn Elliott
Using Radionics to Hack the Bodyfield.

The class provides a brief introduction of Decoding the Human Bodyfield by Peter Fraser.  Marilyn will explain her method of obtaining the rates for each of the programs that Peter terms "infoceutical" and discuss her research using each one.  She will have some parts of the 75- program protocol for sale for anyone wishing to purchase them.


Dr. Marilyn Elliott graduated from Mississippi State University where, in spite of her desire since age 10 to be a doctor, she obtained her bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. After 10 years as a very unhappy engineer, a severe health issue forced her to search for natural ways to heal. During that search, she heard a Heavenly voice encouraging her to attend chiropractic school. She subsequently obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1997 from Life University. Marilyn is a certified instructor of NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) and a speaker at NAET Symposia. She was directly trained and certified as a practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy by Delores Cannon. She has been a certified Nutrition Response Testing practitioner for 7 years. Marilyn creates programs for assisting her patients with reality engineering extensively in her radionics laboratory. She uses her talents with energy healing, NAET, acupuncture, chiropractic, Nutrition Response Testing and radionics to assist those under her care to recover and maintain their health.


1PM - 2PM – Marcelo Fernandez Lahore

Sowa-Rigpa in Radionics. 

The class will introduce the basic principles laying the foundations of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM or Sowa-Rigpa), including humors and organs, behavior modification, medicinal plants, and external therapy. Research has shown that traditional Tibetan medicine has been studied for its potential in managing a wide range of health conditions: diabetes mellitus (Gao et al., 2021), diabetic nephropathy (Pu et al., 2021), liver diseases (Li et al., 2018), cholecystitis/cholelithiasis (Pan et al., 2021), rheumatoid arthritis (Yu et al., 2022), gouty arthritis (Shang et al., 2022), infectious diseases (Zhang et al., 2023), and for its potential in targeting apoptosis pathways (Tang et al., 2020). Tibetan medicine is a comprehensive system, that not only focused on physical health but also consider mental and emotional well-being.


TTM is deeply rooted in Tibetan culture and is based on a holistic approach to health and healing. This approach encompasses a wide range of practices, including the use of herbal remedies, dietary therapies, massage, and meditation. One of the fundamental principles of Tibetan medicine is the belief in the balance of three humors - rlung (wind), mkhrispa (bile), and badkan (phlegm) - within the body. Imbalances in these humors are thought to lead to illness, and treatments aim to restore harmony among them. These concepts provide for an specific framework for radionic practice, utilizing less-known but effective approaches to analysis and broadcasting.


Marcelo Fernandez Lahore is a Member of the Radionic Association (UK), serving the organization on various roles -including management and training. He qualified in Radionics, following the three-years training program offered by the School of Radionics. He also became a Specialist in Tibetan Medicine under the supervision of Dr. Pasang Y. Arya at the Tibetan Medicine Education Center (Switzerland). Marcelo holds a terminal degree in Pharmacy and Biochemistry and has been active in the field of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering. He has an interest in researching and practicing Radionics and other Healing modalities. He is also a member of professional associations in the mentioned sector, such as the Research Council for Complementary Medicine ( and the European Society for Integrative Medicine (


2:30PM – 3:30PM – Dan Mangum

Celestial Energies And Radionics: The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars.

The heavenly bodies affect life and the environment on Earth. The Sun gives life. The Moon creates tides. Planets and constellations affect our lives and destiny. But these celestial energies can also affect radionics. Eclipses, solar flares, auroras, sunrise/sunset, and more. We'll go over the various phenomenon that can affect our equipment and work. Some of these get in the way and cause problems. Others we can use to help ourselves. So let's learn to avoid the problem energies, use the helpful ones, and know which is which. Join us as we take a radionic look at The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars.


Dan Mangum is a radionic researcher who uses radionics to maintain a garden, greenhouse, fruit and nut trees, honeybees, a handful of horses and Shetland sheep, and his dogs. He makes and sells radionic reagents and programs, an external antenna/rub plate of his own design, teaches radionic classes, and has authored 2 books on radionics. His background includes studying magick, mysticism, and world religions for 30 years. He utilizes rife machines, orgone accumulators, homeopathy, and biodynamics. Dan is a licensed electrician who occasionally installs off grid solar power and lives off grid himself.


4:00PM – 5:00PM – Morris Hartman

Balancing Soil Nutrients with Radionics.

Learn how to use your radionics machine as an analyzer and how to balance the soil nutrients.


Morris Hartman is a Quantum Polarity Therapist and Reflexologist. He has over 40 years of experience in the fertilizer industry as well as nearly as many years in animal husbandry. Morris is a crop adviser and has been a radionics operator since 1985.


7:30PM – 8:30PM – Mingling Time!

The room will be open so attendees can get to know one another, check out the vendor tables, ask questions and hopefully, have some great conversations.

day 2

Friday, November 1, 2024 - 9AM to 8:30PM

9AM - 10AM– Sarah Emond

Tips and Tricks: Spooky 2 and Radionics.

Spooky2 is a great adjunct to a radionics broadcast.  This presentation will show you how to set up a Spooky2 remote, connect to your radionics instrument, the basics of the software and how to send the Spooky2 frequencies.  If time allows, Sarah will also share some radionic tips and tricks.


Sarah Emond is an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and radionics operator.  She has the innate ability to see energy - seeing links, patterns, causes, and feel emotions.  She communicates with energy, then she repairs, rearranges, and guides the energy as needed to either heal the energy body or provide the energy body what it needs to heal itself.  Sarah uses these abilities both in her healing business and her radionic practice. Sarah is also a Reiki Master, certified reflexologist, radionics practitioner, and master dowser.  Her passion is to help others grow and become the best version of Who They Are along the way.


10:30AM - 11:30AM – Dr. Richard Olree
Understanding Covid.

Covid is here to stay and cutting knowledge is needed to be understood as how a person can achieve optimal health in today’s world. This presentation will be an up to date understanding on how to best utilize nutrition to avoid and help those that have been compromised with this viral particle that is floating around the world. A deep understanding of the floating particle will be presented and what is needed to overcome this issue from a nutritional/genetic standpoint.


Dr. Richard Olree is a Doctor of Chiropractic and holds a Bachelor of Science in human biology.  He has had many of his articles published in Acres USA and has written several books including “Minerals, Hair and the Human Genome” and “Is Covid 19 a Telomere Virus.”


1:00PM - 2:00PM – Roxanne Matacia

Empowered Living through Controlling Oxidative Stress and Mineral Mastery.

Our bodies are under more assault than ever, with Oxidative Stress being a major contributor. It diminishes cellular health and ushers in disease.  Find out what Oxidative Stress is, and the importance of the Electron Supply Chain. What are the best 7 miracle minerals to combat the effects of Oxidative Stress? It is important to look at your heavy metal load, which can displace the minerals and nutrients. You will receive the radionic charts for minerals, heavy metals, and rate for the electron supply chain. In addition, find out more tools that can impower you.

Roxanne Matacia began as a registered X-Ray tech and moved on into Light Therapy and Radionics. Now Roxanne works on clients and animals with radionics, PETs and Advanced Biophoton matrix machines. She is passionate and loves to help people help themselves. She is the creator and host of Roxy’s Quantum Empowerment Calls.


2:30PM - 3:30PM – Libby Rutledge

Light Language, Geometry, and Radionics.

Light Languages are high vibrational languages that can affect energy when written or spoken. The Light Language Libby uses has been on this planet around ancient Egyptian times but was since dispersed. It is now time for the knowledge of this language to be restored and for this language to be utilized for the benefit of humanity and all life on the Earth. Libby combines the written symbols of this language, expressed in sets of 25 to 28 symbols, with radionics to broadcast the energy of these symbols. In addition, placed on the radionics instrument, are physical models of geometric shapes, such as a dodecahedron. Within the center of the dodecahedron is hung a tektite that is imprinted with the complete Light Language and its consciousness. Libby creates new sets of symbols, just as radionics practitioners create new rates, and her library of these sets is expanding. Water can also be imprinted with the energy of the symbol sets, and a person can drink this energy.

Libby Rutledge has a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She worked in Gene Therapy, genetically engineering viruses to correct genetic defects, and at a Diabetes Center studying genes that cause diabetes. Libby also is a radionics practitioner, is trained in Theta Healing Technique, uses Tibetan Singing Bowls, Light Language, and is a certified Hado Instructor with Dr. Emoto’s Office in Tokyo. She now utilizes her skills to make energetically imprinted water, to help clients, to heal the planet, and to push the boundaries of what we know.


4:00PM - 5:30PM – Stephen Quong
Integrating Crystal Healing with Radionics Practice.

This presentation will include original research and techniques into the use of quartz crystals and other gemstones for improving our intuition and mental acuity, harmonizing and amplifying the broadcast signal of any radionics instrument, clearing the witness well more thoroughly, and creating reagents with the highest capacity for storing information without loss or distortion.


Stephen Quong has been practicing and teaching various forms of dowsing, radionics, gem therapy, and energy healing since 1972. In 1999, he was one of the Founding Members and on the Executive Committee of the Planetary Gemologists Association, the world's largest professional organization for teaching Vedic gem therapy. He has been co-designing and selling custom-made Pranic Healing crystals for over 20 years. He has popularized the use of Paraiba Tourmaline and double tetrahedron crystals for self-healing, space clearing, and time travel, by teaching courses with original content throughout North America and Europe.


7:30PM - 8:30PM – Q & A with Speakers

All 15 speakers will be present to answer questions.  This will be a moderated event to keep it flowing smoothly and hopefully get everyone’s questions answered.

day 3

Saturday, November 2, 2024 - 9AM to 5:15PM

9:00AM – 10:00AM– Dr. Michael Rankin
The Power of Your Intentions by God's Love.

Use love to reverse pain and negative experiences and to heal.  We will discuss using radionics to help with overthinking and ruminating on subjects all day long, stressful situations with others, work, history and loss, seizures, sleeps issues (i.e. restless leg), diagnostic conflict situations, and root canals.


Michael Rankin, ND, MS has years of experience resolving cancer, pain, sleep issues, emotional trauma and brain issues. He has developed multiple programs working with the Kelley Metabolic Cancer Center, Kelley Metabolic Training Institute, and ACIM Fellowship Levels 1-10. He has experience with emotional development programs, cancer evaluations and metabolic evaluations, and metabolic therapies and cancer conflicts using the Dr Wm. Kelley Institute program. He has also studied topics such as resolving emotions, laser energetic detox, molecular hydrogen therapy, gut/brain health and protocols for brain oxygenation and cognitive recovery.


10:30AM - 11:30AM– Peter Radatti
New experiments in Radionics and what I Learned.

  These experiments include: 1. Open Source Radionics machines based on laptops, 2. The 302 radionics experiment and what was learned, 3. Hockey Pucks design changes.  Why and effect., 4. New Cards, 5. Interesting experiences using cards, 6. Emotions as the source of many diseases and how to deal with them radionically.


Pete Radatti is known for his books on radionics available from, including his latest book, "Build a Low-Cost Base-10 Radionics Machine" part of the "Mastering Radionics" series of books. He also teaches a class once a year in Peetz, CO and runs a grassroots radionics support group in the Philadelphia area called Conshohocken Radionics.


1PM – 2PM– Robert Quick
DIY Water Energizer For A Garden Hose.

Learn how to assemble 4 different water energizers that can be attached to a garden hose. These will provide energized water that will: # Improve seed germination, and plant health. # Stimulate soil microbial health. #Provide livestock with better hydration, and nutrient digestion. No tools are needed. All parts can be bought at a home improvement store. Optional parts are available online. Radionics rates and witnesses can be attached to the water energizer where they will enter and flow with the water to your plants, soil, or livestock. These concepts can be easily adapted for use with larger volumes of water for the home or irrigation.

Robert Quick has a degree in horticulture, but most of his life has been devoted to research in the fields of alternative medicine and renewable energy. Nikola Tesla, Rudolph Steiner, Viktor Schauberger and Phil Callahan have provided him with insight on how to work with nature and replicate its procedures. He has healed himself, built and used a Browns gas fuel system for his truck, designed an electrical generator that has no moving parts and designed a solar powered steam turbine. Now that he is “retired”, his new company, Energized Water USA, makes magnetically powered reagents. The reagents are designed to remove water pollutants and improve the health of the environment. These reagents are the result of 20 years of research and development.


2:30PM - 3:30PM– Susan Doherty

Heart Failure: A Case Study.

  This presentation is a follow up to the AFIB case study given in

2022. In this case study, AFIB was an underlying symptom for Heart Failure with low ejection

fraction, high heart rate, fluid retention/overload, blocked arteries, and shortness of breath. It

was necessary to use an integrated therapy approach with Radionics, Frequency Specific

Microcurrent, Red Light therapy and nutritional supplements. After five months using integrated protocols, ejection fraction improved from 17% to 45%. All data from the integrated therapy will be shared.

Susan Doherty holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Fine Arts Degrees. She is a virtual reality author, meta-science artist, computer systems architect, and environmental activist. She trained in radionics with Ed Kelly and has been a practitioner since 2015.


4PM - 5PM– Marty Lucas
Cell Opacity, the Fog in the Cells.

Cells communicate with light, both internally and externally. But as toxins accumulate in the cells, the cells become more and more opaque. Think of your headlights in the fog. When the fog is thick, all you see is the reflection. In the cells, this 'fog' interferes with our broadcasts and slows healing.

Marty Lucas is a long time radionic practitioner and teacher, with clients and students from around the world. He is known for his innovative approach to dealing with issues. He is a past president of the American Society of Dowsers and is a past president of the United States Psychotronics Association. His radionic coaching calls are free to the public and his website is a great resource for additional radionic and subtle energy information.


5PM – 5:15PM– Dr. Ron Barone and Sarah Emond
Closing Comments


6:30PM - Optional - Dinner at Minerva’s (NOT INCLUDED in conference fee)

Join us after the conference for dinner. There will be a special menu just for our group for you to choose from. Usually, we have 4-5 main course choices. Due to the size of the group, you may not substitute or choose from the regular menu. Price varies depending on what you order.


*Schedule and speakers subject to change.

Symposium Classes held in the Washington Room at Best Western Ramkota Hotel Conference Center

2111 N. LaCrosse Street, Rapid City, SD 57701


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