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November 2-4, 2023   |  Rapid City, South Dakota

2023 Radionics

Taught by The Masters

Pre-symposium Class Options

Pre-Symposium Classes require separate registration from the Radionics Symposium.  See information on each below for registration information. Your Radionics Symposium Registration will NOT register you for these Pre-Symposium Classes.

Radionics Clas

option 1

Beginning Radionics
Instructor:  Dan Mangum
October 31 - November 1, 2023 - 8:30AM to 5PM

This class will introduce the fundamental skills and knowledge that will enable students to put radionics to work in their lives.


This class will cover:

  • The triad of fundamental radionic skills: analyzing, broadcasting, and potentizing.

  • Radionic witnesses.

  • Definition, selection, and use of reagents.

  • Using worksheets.

  • Cold scanning.

  • Basic radionic theory and history.

The class will be hands on and emphasize self-confidence and skill building. Students will learn radionics by doing radionics. Students will make several potentized tools to take home and use in their radionic work.


As part of the class, students will receive a basic radionic guide booklet for reference.


Students will need to bring:

Hieronymus style/ two dial instrument and a potentizer (or Replicator), as well as a photo witness of themselves and a soil sample (farm, garden, or houseplant).




Evening Halloween & All Saints Day Bonus Sessions:


Halloween, October 31st 7:30pm

Dark Forces: Truth vs misconceptions. A practical, realistic discussion about black magic and related topics.


all saint’s Day, November 1st 7:30pm

Using radionics and prayer to deal with Dark Forces. Spiritually grounded protection methods.


(Bonus sessions are optional).


Individual enrollment for the 2 day class: $300

Couples enrollment for the 2 day class: $450


There will be a limited number of rental instruments available. If you wish to purchase an instrument for the class, please make your order no later than September 1st to ensure that the instrument will be ready in time for the class.


Separate Registration Required for Beginning Radionics!

For more information, questions, to register, and for instrument purchase or rental, contact

Dan Mangum:


option 2

Energy 3
Energy III
Instructor:  Morris Hartman
October 31, 2023 - 9AM to 5PM


Energy III is a class to help us learn how to use positive and negative energies to align and correct emotional energies such as fear and anxiety. There will be plenty of time for class participants to experience and practice the techniques. The main information is for emotional help to be used by anyone taking the class.


Individual Enrollment                                               $100.00


  Separate Registration Required for Energy III!


To register, call or text Morris Hartman at (308)737-1097

Energy 4

option 3

Energy IV
Instructor:  Morris Hartman
November 1, 2023 - 9AM to 5PM

This is an advanced class to enable us to learn the process of moving energies from one part of the body to another to heal and clean energy blockages. There will be a portion of this class devoted to directional movement of energy that is not well understood. This makes energy practice effective.


Individual Enrollment                                               $100.00


Separate Registration Required for Energy IV!


To register, call or text Morris Hartman at (308)737-1097

option 4

How To Build Magnetically Powered Water Restructuring Reagents
Instructor:  Robert Quick
October 31, 2023 - 8:30AM to 4:30PM

You will build 3 different reagents, and learn how to custom build and program your own Magnetically Powered Reagents.


Radionic Instruments can be used with these reagents, but are not needed to build, or use, the Magnetically Powered Reagents.


All materials that are needed for this class will be provided.


No prior knowledge or experience is needed.

This class will be limited to 10 people. So you must preregister for this class.

Individual Enrollment                                                                            $210.00

 Each Additional Family Member or Significant Other                          $160.00


Separate Registration Required for How to Build Magnetically Powered Water Restructuring Reagents!


Email a request to register for this class to

Robert's Class

option 5

Radionics 2.0: A Walk Thru a Radionics Discernment
Instructor:  Sarah Emond
November 1, 2023 - 9AM to 5PM

Radionics 2.0 is a method of doing radionics analysis using programmed cards to speed up the process. Dr. Ron Barone and Sarah use this system daily for their clients.


In this hands-on class, Sarah will walk you through doing a full energy discernment step by step using the programmed cards. 


This process consists of:

  • Initial Energy Clearing

  • Creating Intention Statements and Cold Scanning

  • Using Programmed Cards to Analyze

  • Testing for Supporting Products

  • Determining Broadcast Reagents

  • Best Broadcasting Practices


Students must be able to dowse and know how to operate their radionics instrument.


Students will need to bring:

  • Hieronymus style/ two dial instrument

  • Potentizer (or Replicator)

  • Pendulum or Bobber

  • A witness of themselves to work on


Each student will receive the basic program card set. Advanced program cards will be available for use during the class and can be purchased separately. 

Individual Enrollment                                                $215.00 (Due upon registration)


Separate Registration Required for Radionics 2.0: A Walk Thru a Radionics Discernment!


questions? contact Sarah at: or 605-381-3383


To Register:


Registration Deadline is October 15, 2023

Sarah's Class

Pre-Symposium Classes held at Best Western Ramkota Hotel Conference Center

2111 N. LaCrosse Street, Rapid City, SD 57701


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